An Appalachian Journey, with Recipes

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Victuals is an exploration of the foodways, people, and places of Appalachia. It explores the surprisingly diverse history--and vibrant present--of food in the Mountain South through recipes, stories, traditions, and innovations. Each chapter explores a specific defining food or tradition of the region--such as salt, beans, corn (and corn liquor). The essays introduce readers to their rich histories and the farmers, curers, hunters, and chefs who define the region's contemporary landscape. Sitting at a diverse intersection of cuisines, Appalachia offers a wide range of ingredients and products that can be transformed using traditional methods and contemporary applications. Through 80 recipes and stories gathered on her travels in the region, Lundy shares dishes that distill the story and flavors of the Mountain South.


"Victuals is so much more than just another cookbook. It's a marvelous travelogue and history of an under-appreciated and often misrepresented part of America, it's people and culture, written lovingly by my friend, Ronni Lundy. Still, as I finished the last pages, with their stunning illustrations, I couldn't wait to get in the kitchen and try my hand at the delicious recipes she has gathered for all of us who just plain love good food." – Emmylou Harris, musician

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